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Powerful Questions & Purposeful Conversations

I love having my thinking challenged. It keeps me honest with myself. 

One of my long-time colleagues from Pepperdine University business school (1991-1993) replied to a recent post I made on LinkedIn. I started the post by challenging us to go beyond “empowering” individuals to empowering teams in order to provide the best product and level of service to our customers. 

My colleague's reply caused me to pause and challenge my own thinking. See the exchange below from LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/gr5Jmvm

Laura's post: Are you a manager or leader of a sales team in an organization? In some respect, all businesses have a common sales thread as we aim to provide our clients or customers the best product and the best level of service. But are we empowering our teams to do so? According to this author, "...coaching is the best lever you have." So, creating a coaching culture and empowering leaders and their teams to define success is of critical importance.

Rosa’s reply: Good article Laura. In my experience coaching rarely happens and only for the high potentials by hiring externals. We need to start with the CEO coaching their direct reports. Of course then it isn't called coaching. It's called a conversation.  What are your thoughts?

 Laura’s response:  Hi Rosa, thank you for sharing your experience. Years ago I had a similar experience about coaching--for whom it was offered and by whom it was delivered. Today, however, my experience is VERY different. I find that organizations are taking a coaching approach to conversations at all levels of the organization. Why? Gone are the days of command and control, highly directive work environments. Rather, there is a realization that in order to be successful in today's business environment and satisfy customer needs, organizations need  to foster environments that address employee needs. See https://hbr.org/2015/12/engaging-your-employees-is-good-but-dont-stop-there?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=hbr. This is why organizations, at least the one's who ask for my help, are taking steps to create what they call a coaching culture. Coaching is all about conversation--real conversations that matter and make a difference. I would love to continue the conversation. Feel free to email or phone me. You have my contact info. Thanks Rosa.

Rosa’s reply: I am delighted that you are having this experience. Brings me hope for the success of our companies, especially in the upcoming AI upheaval. We should have coffee sometime!"


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