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Leadership Strategies International was founded in 1993 by Laura Hauser, an expert coach, author, graduate-level educator, speaker, and business owner. After working 18 years internally for large corporations, serving in both specialist and management positions, she founded Leadership Strategies International, specializing in the development of individuals, teams and organizations. Dave Hauser joined the business as a partner in 2003. Having over 40 years operations and C-suite experience, Dave brings solid business and operations bench strength to the team.

We hold the following beliefs that influence our work with our clients:

  • Organizations are a forum for the development and evolution of people and society.

  • The development of creative, caring, courageous and critical thinking people lead to a competitive advantage in the marketplace and to the evolution of society.

  • Leaders can only help their organizations grow and develop as far as they have personally grown and developed themselves.

  • Innovation must not be neglected for it is the foundation and substance of dynamic growth and success.

How do we work with our clients?

Integration of the Tangibles and Intangibles: We help you increase the tangibles - revenue, quality, cost control, profit - through the development of the intangibles - vision, service, commitment, and empowerment.

Customized Services: Rather than overlay prescribed templates, LSI customizes services and products to fit the unique needs and culture of each client. Our interventions, whether it be one-on-one executive coaching or team alignment, we tailor the work to fit the specific culture and strategic direction of our clients.

Change Management Expertise: Our clients benefit and learn from our extensive experience in change management and real-world business applications. We have the expertise to quickly diagnose workplace issues, and design and implement solutions.

Partners: As partners - we work closely with you to clarify needs and goals, and to design and implement solutions that meet your specific needs. We manage the process with you to achieve results on time and within budget. We take every opportunity to manage costs by using your existing resources. We involve key stakeholders in the design and implementation of interventions to reduce resistance and increase commitment to insure successful outcomes.

Access to Experts: We offer unparalleled access to an unequaled cadre of expert consultants and trainers. Using insight gained from years of practical experience and research, Laura Hauser - LSI's founder - -matches the right expertise to your specific culture and needs. Many of our associates are nationally known, all of whom are experts in their own right. We all share a common commitment to the new way of thinking and leading.


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