Executive Coaching

The investment of time now in your customized coaching program through Leadership Strategies International can last a lifetime. Although the strengths and challenges of each person are unique, our coaching programs yield similar results:

Increased leadership competence, confidence, and capability

Benefits yourself, your team, and your organization.

In business, this readily translates into higher levels of , productivity, and profits.

The 4 Phases of Our Executive Coaching System:
How to Cross the "Bridge to Success"

Jump Start:
Where are you now?

  • Gather information through surveys and interviews

  • Deepen awareness of your abilities and what motivates your behavior.

  • Examine the expectations of others regarding what it takes to be successful today and in the future.


Set Goals:
What do you want? How will you get it? What will you do differently?

  • Develop your action with your coach based on your personal assessment findings and desired “future” outcomes.

  • Align personal and professional goals.


Real-World Application:
What feedback, actions and support will get you what you want?

  • Coaching sessions are aimed at achieving your plan of action.

  • Just-in-time” coaching support is available via phone and email as the need arises.

  • In the context of your real-world work situations, you learn specific skills and techniques as well as discover personal insights.

  • You will implement and apply your action plan in your daily life to enable you to reflect and analyze the knowledge you have gained. You truly put into practice and utilize this knowledge at a newer and more advanced level.


Measure Outcomes and Wins:
How have your goals been reached?

  • Fully evaluate what has been learned, applied and achieved.

  • Affirm leadership strengths and determine how to leverage those strengths to expand your success.

  • Create an action plan for leveraging your strengths and sustaining results.


The 3 Pillars: Support System for Crossing the "Bridge to Success"

The amount of change a person can make is limited if any of the pillars are weakened.  For example, a person may want gain insights and awareness about the need to be more strategic but may lack the motivation to learn and apply new behaviors that would impact the ability to be more strategic.   

Insight: The extent to which you understand what areas need to be developed in order to be more effective.

Motivation: The degree to which you are willing to invest the time and energy it takes to develop yourself.

Accountability: The extent to which there are internal and external mechanisms for paying attention to change and providing meaningful consequences.


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