Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®

As a facilitator of team development, do you sometimes struggle knowing what to do if:

  • A team member became emotional or hostile during a meeting?
  • People "spill their guts", creating awkwardness or a feeling of "too much information?"
  • A team is very reserved and resists "opening up"?
  • The team leader avoids conflict or is authoritarian which blocks the success of the team?
  • Team members' defensiveness, aggressiveness, or egos get in the way of constructive debate?
  • The team suffers from "analysis paralysis"?
  • Team goals and expected results are outside the team's control?

These can be tough situations to handle in the moment. You an increase your ability to handle these and other team setting situations while getting accredited on The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Teamassessment tool and team development program.

This ​intensive ​five-week ​blended ​learning ​course ​will ​prepare ​you ​to ​more ​effectively ​facilitate ​The ​Five ​Behaviors ​of ​a ​Cohesive ​Team™ ​facilitator ​program, ​​teaching ​you ​how ​to expertly ​create ​and ​deliver ​an impactful ​workshop with your clients. ​

The ​self-directed ​online ​work ​includes ​interactive ​activities ​to ​help ​you ​absorb ​the ​principles ​of ​The ​Five ​Behaviors ​model. ​During ​the ​live ​sessions, ​you’ll ​practice ​facilitating ​activities ​with ​small ​groups ​and ​explore ​challenging ​“what-if” ​scenarios ​that ​could ​come ​up ​during ​your ​workshops. ​The ​Five ​Behaviors ​Facilitator ​Accreditation ​will ​give ​you ​the ​tools ​and ​confidence ​you ​need ​to ​master ​this ​amazing ​program—no ​matter ​what ​a ​team ​brings ​to ​the ​room. ​

Registration is easy. Call or email Dave Hauser to sign up! [email protected] and 661-251-4917.


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