A Certificate of Completion will be provided by Fielding Graduate University to all successful graduates of the (TCOS) Team Coaching Operating System program. Leadership Strategies International - Business Center In Santa Clarita, CA USA :: TCOS TEAM COACHING OPERATING SYSTEM℠ 2-day Intensive Workshop

TCOS Team Coaching Certificate


Fielding Graduate University


We are proud to collaborate with Fielding Graduate University to offer the TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® as a four-month professional development course delivered internally through your organizations' education assistance program.

Did you know... organizations as a whole are investing significant resources into designing benefits packages that include professional development as a key strategy to recruit new employees and to retain the talent they already have? (SHRM 2018)

"Working in teams is critical to an organization's success. Leaders and their teams - and the professionals who support them--
 deserve to know what it takes for a team to succeed, and fail." 

- Dr. Laura Hauser

 The TCOS Team Coaching Operating System®  is a signature professional development program created by Dr. Laura Hauser. It is based on her pioneering research and over 40 years of practical business experience in the highly specialized context of coaching teams in organizations. 

Teamwork can be messy—and in today's business environment, it has become much more complex. Internal coaches and managers deserve to know what it takes for teams to succeed, and fail. Most importantly, they should be empowered with the knowledge and skills to effectively coach work teams to higher performance and greater results.

In addition to delivering TCOS directly to leaders of teams in organizations--and the professionals who support team leaders--Leadership Strategies International proudly offers TCOS to organizations in collaboration with Fielding Graduate University. Organizations such as Lawrence Livermore Laboratory have benefited from this collaboration by delivering a customized TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® program as an employee education course. Here is an unsolicited from a senior business leader after experiencing the face-to-face TCOS intensive workshop:

Lawrence Livermore property

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group, it has already helped me think and approach situations differently.  Learning these new skills is exactly what I’ve needed. Can’t wait to see what happens next!" 

Earn Continuing Education Credits!

Continuing Coach Education Credits

The proprietary TCOS Team Operating System® is a four-month course accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Call us now at 661-251-0641 to see if your organization qualifies for the TCOS Team Coaching Operating System.

  • Earn between 2 and 4 continuing education units(CEUs) issued by Fielding Graduate University to all TCOS participants
  • Earn between 24 and 44 coach continuing education units (CCEUs) issued by Leadership Strategies International to eligible ICF certified coaches

Bottom line

The TCOS is aimed at increasing professional development in the complex environment of coaching teams in organizations. The TCOS® will rapidly increase your knowledge, competence and confidence to assess, design, and implement strategies to effectively coach teams intended to support enterprise-wide culture change.  

If you are an internal business influencer who sees the critical need to develop the knowledge, competence, and confidence to coach teams for enterprise-wide impact, request a 30-minute phone call now with Dr. Laura Hauser at [email protected] Write in the subject line, "I want to learn more about TCOS".

Contact us at [email protected] to see if your organization qualifies for the TCOS Team Coaching Operating System program

About Dr. Laura Hauser

The Team Coaching Operating System® was developed by Dr. Laura Hauser. She is internationally recognized as an expert in the emerging research and practice of team coaching. Through publishing, consulting, teaching, and conference speaking, she leverages her business expertise and research to shape the current and future impact of team coaching. Dr. Hauser serves as President of the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC.org), setting the platinum standard for graduate-level coach education and research. She has served as a faculty member of Fielding Graduate University’s year-long Evidence-Based Coaching program since 2010. And she co-designed and co-teaches the team and group coaching course at Royal Roads University (Victoria Canada) grounded in Dr. Hauser's team coaching research since 2015. Learn more about Dr. Hauser here.

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