CareFusion and I truly value our partnership with Leadership Strategies International (LSI) over the past decade.  We also appreciate your recent efforts helping us effectively launch The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.  Immediately after facilitator training we scheduled the introduction of Five Behaviors across our US HRBP team, commencing next week.  Not only do we anticipate developmental benefit for our team, but it positions us to leverage the tool with client ELTs going forward.  Thanks again for your continued support and contributions to our talent management process.   Wally Kuhns VP, HR Business Partner Carefusion San Diego, CA

"I have utilized Laura Hauser’s services at McJunkin Red Man Corporation for our IS department’s Strategic Planning sessions. Laura’s approach to team building, organizational development, senior management coaching, and leadership development was extremely effective and very well received by my management team. Her sessions invoked out-of-box thinking and helped my team members create an IS business plan that will be the backbone of our department’s activities for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend Laura’s help in conducting your next executive management’s strategic planning sessions."

Nasser Farshchian, SVP, CIO at MRC Global

Laura worked with our team at The Walt Disney Company during a strategic transition. The great work that came out of her facilitation continued to benefit the team far beyond our time together, and everyone commented that it was the first time they had a retreat with such a lasting impact.

Sonya Shelton,Executive Coach | Leadership & Organization Development Consultant | Professional Speaker & Author

"Our team left energized and amazed after the Team Innovation workshop. In one day we made a decision about a business issue we had struggled with for over a year. We quickly learned a model for team innovation and decision making, and applied it to a perplexing business issue. We want our employees to get trained and begin using this approach right away."

Director, Nestle' U.S.A

"I never knew that executive coaching could be so helpful. Before you started coaching me, I felt that I had a limitation of places to go and things to do. Now I feel unlimited in what I do and how I do it. It was poetic and prophetic that the coaching came at a time because it was needed. I experienced such personal growth that I'll never be the same again. I'll never look at leadership and power the same again. I now see myself as a leader with compassion who accepts and sees growth of others as a key measurement of success. I see power as something very quiet. A quiet strength that was within me before but that I didn't acknowledge nor have confidence in. Now I have a knowing that it is within me and that I can use it wisely. Thank you again."

Manager, AT&T Wireless

“Laura is an organized, bright, thoughtful and very competent individual. I've had the opportunity to see her as a teacher, consultant and coach. She performs flawlessly and personally! She can develop a team, give accurate feedback and helps people develop their own capacity. A joy to work with! As another colleague has said of Laura -- "she's got your back"!”

Ann Feyerherm , MSOD Director, Pepperdine University

I have the privilege of working with Laura in very meaningful areas of my life: In business as a valued and trusted partner at Viacom Media Networks, as an educator and developer of people as I completed my executive coaching education, and as a trusted mentor and friend through the trials and tribulations that life has the tendency to bring. Many work in the arena of Human Dynamics. It is a noble existence where we are called upon daily to help ensure others are embracing the self-awareness needed to improve. While many work here, very few are able to capture the essence of what it takes to practice the art with gravitas, sophistication, and elegance. Even fewer are able to operate with the authenticity it takes to impress upon people that their best interests are being looked after. Laura is all of this and more. She is the consummate professional in a profession that is complicated, emotional, ambiguous, and very fluid. It is an honor to recommend Laura for her skills, knowledge, professionalism, and resume of work. The help and support she provides me is simply not measurable. I look forward to developing an even deeper relationship with her and her company in the years to come.

David Waggoner, MA, PCC, Director, Global Organization and Leadership Development

"Laura is a real pro. She has an ability to link research-based strategies and techniques with practical solutions which creating real value for her clients. I highly recommend her."

Ed Rankin, SPHR , Executive Coach, Founder and President , Manera Group.

“I have known Laura for several years, and have always been impressed at her professionalism and her generosity. She is very willing and able to support and assist, and I know I can count on her for insight and good judgment. I recently referred her to a friend at another major company, knowing my friend would be in good hands with Laura.”

Shelbra Brinkman , Director, Organization Development , Experian.

“Laura was an outstanding member of the Organizational Development Staff at FI Bank, Ltd. She created and facilitated important change management and management development programs that prepared our employees for critical changes as we were about to be divested to Standard Chartered Bank.”

Kathryn McKee , SVP Human Resources , First Interstate Bank Ltd.

“I first worked with Laura when we asked her to lead team building efforts for our Organization and Leadership Development team at Prudential Healthcare. Laura immediately gained the respect of this very discerning group of professionals, and led us through a team building process to gain deep clarity on our mission, vision, and approach to our work there at Prudential. Laura is a consummate professional in the areas of leadership development, organization development, and organization design. I highly recommend her.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert.

Cris Hagen hired Laura as a Business Consultant

“Laura is a trustworthy, highly intelligent, sensitive and authentic communicator who is also a confident and proficient business-minded strategist.”

Julie Benesh , Director of Organizational Development , Rush University Medical Center.

“My experience of Laura as a coach has been valuable. She is clearly a leader in an evolving field of study with a devotion to development as a professional. She coaches with a natural focus on support and understanding of the nuances of the coaching relationship. I have observed her as a coach and am encouraged to know she is advancing the role of coach in the organization to the level it deserves for effective development of our future leaders.”

Leslie Knowlton , Owner, Development Coach.

Dear Laura:

I wanted to thank you for your leadership in helping Varco develop the Smart (Supervisory, Management and Resource Training) culture change program.

Throughout the process, you have been instrumental in providing us the guidance and direction to keep us on course and to allow us to efficiently arrive at an end product of which we would be proud. You very quickly learned the Varco style, and this allowed you to be most effective by offering relevant solutions. Most interesting, you quickly transformed from a normal consultant to a full-fledged member of the team. You also became a leader within the team, not in pushing your solutions but in encouraging the team to go for the best and to realize their full potential. Your expertise and advise was helpful, but the drive and determination that you brought to the team got us through the toughest spots, kept us on track and allowed us to deliver a first class program ahead of schedule. Maybe most importantly, you kept us focused on the need to get and maintain executive support before, during and after each class, and showed us ways to get that. This executive level support has proven crucial in maintaining the momentum of the program.

The result has been outstanding. If I go back to those Best Practice site visits, I can safely say that I think the Varco Smart program stands among the best of the best. Internally, it continues to get nothing but rave reviews. The participants offer glowing complements; those still on the waiting list keep asking for their turn; the division executive staffs are asking for more exposure to what this program has to offer. Varco has never had a program that has been so enthusiastically supported.

I cannot thank you enough for all the contributions you have made to our Smart program. Without your guidance and your leadership, we would not have the outstanding program that we have. I look forward to your contributions to the next phase of our management-training program, Smart II. In the meantime, it would be a privilege to offer my recommendation to any of your prospective clients. I certainly would give you the most glowing of references.

Sincerely, Michael W. Sutherlin, Vice President Varco International Orange, CA

Dear Laura:

This letter is in response to your request for some comments about your work with me and my executive team.

I am sure you remember that the main reason I selected you to lead my group through a strategic planning process was because I felt that you, more than other consulting firms I interviewed, had the greatest depth and breadth of experience in change management. I also felt that you, more than anyone else, could best relate and quickly build rapport with my group.

The session that you facilitated helped us to develop a better strategic direction and formulate a mission statement. My request to you was to lead us through this process and I was very pleased with the results you helped us achieve.

Sincerely, Ronald G. Bennett Hunt-Wesson Foodservice Company Fullerton, CA

A BIG Thank You for presenting at the Tools & Techniques for Project Success conference. Although I wasn't able to caught much of anyone's presentation, I was constantly being stopped by attendees telling me what a great line-up of speakers we put together. Again, Thank You from me and the whole conference committee. You are the one who made it a success!!

Susan Rathman Southern California Quality Assurance Association


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