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Sampling of Articles, Book Chapters, and Prsentations by Laura Hauser, PhD, PCC

Hauser, L (2015). Presentation at The Conference Board's 12th Annual Executive Coaching Conference. May 10, 2015. "The Complexity of Coaching Teams". Times Square, New York.

Hauser, L. (2014). Shape-Shifting: A Team Coaching Model for Coach Practitioners, Educators, and Researchers. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 5(2), 48-71.

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Hauser, L. (2012). Shape-shifting: A scholar-practitioner conceptual framework for coaching work teams. Ph.D., Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara.  

Hauser, L. (2011). Team and Group Behavior. In L. Wildflower & D. Brennan (Eds.), The handbook of knowledge-based coaching: Theory and practice. West Sussex, England: Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hauser, L. (2009). Evidence-Based Coaching: A Case Study. A case study. OD Practitioner, 41(1), 8-13.

"Team Innovation". Hauser, Laura (2005). Presented at the 2005 Annual Pepperdine University M.S.O.D. Conference, Carmel, California. Also published in "Practicing Organization Change & Development" (2004) and "ASTD" (2006).

"Horse Sense: Lessons from an Unlikely Mentor." Hauser, Laura (2000). Pepperdine University Career and Business Journal (pp. 8-9). Mailbu, California.

"Horse Sense: Timing is Everything." Hauser, Laura (2000.)

"Horse Sense: The War Zone." Hauser, Laura (2000).

"A New Way of Guiding Large-Scale Organizational Change" - Hauser, Laura (1998). In Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer (Ed.), The 1998 Annual: Volume 2 Consulting, (pp. 257-284). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

"The Intangible Dimension of Business: Can You Afford to Neglect It?" - Hauser, Laura (1996). In John Renesch & Bill DeFoore, (Eds.), The New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart & Soul to Business, (pp. 269-282). San Francisco: New Leaders Press.

"Reigniting Spirit in the Workplace" - Hauser, Laura (1996). In J. William Pfeiffer (Ed.), The 1996 Annual: Volume 1 Training, (pp. 297-303). San Diego: Pfeiffer & Company.

"The Review and Integration of the Classical and Current Literature Regarding Transformational Change and Customer-Focused Quality" - Hauser, Laura (1993). Chapter two of the researcher's unpublished master's thesis in The Role of Executive Leadership Effecting Transformational Change Toward Customer-Focused Quality, (pp. 25-77.) Los Angeles: Pepperdine University.

"A Multicultural Diversity Intervention: The Employee Relations Training and Line Management Partnership." - Hauser, Laura, and Nina Woodard (1992). In Rosalind Schwartz (Ed.), Managing the Multicultural Workforce: Strategies for Human Resource Professionals (pp. 40-50). University of California, Los Angeles: Institute of Industrial Relations.


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The New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart & Soul to Business - Renesch, John, & DeFoore, Bill (Eds.). (1996). , San Francisco: New Leaders Press. Essays by thirty authors including Angeles Arrien, Ken Blanchard, Ian Mitroff, Thomas Moore, Tom Peters, Anita Roddick, and Laura Hauser.
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