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TCOS client feedback


​Empowered with a coaching mindset, positive change happens when you...

  • Collaborate more efficiently to increase levels of trust and engagement

  • Drive change initiatives in a way that shapes resilient workplace cultures

  • Build more healthy and collaborative cultures organization-wide


About the Program

Led by our training director Dr. Laura Hauser, every TCOS Team Coaching Operating System®  experience is custom-designed to meet our clients' unique needs. The 12-week TCOS Coaching Mindset Essentials™ program expands the mindset, knowledge, and skills needed to build healthy workplace cultures, and to powerfully coach leaders and teams. 

Our program holds the highest quality standards, accredited and overseen by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Courses are offered in-person, virtually, or through a mix of both, and can be taken individually or as a complete, accelerated program.

Leadership Strategies International is pleased to share survey results from the most recent graduates of our TCOS Coaching Mindset Essentials™ course.



of TCOS course participants have said they would recommend the course to a colleague


Things Participants Liked Most About Their Weekly Classes


Real-world application of content during role play sessions, followed by immediate feedback and discussion

Two-day virtual intensive workshop


Interacting with and learning from others across the organization


Learning to ask questions

Individual discussion with the course instructor, Dr. Laura

Here are some examples of actual results reported by participants when they applied a coaching mindset

I’ve found more ways, outside the workplace, to apply coaching and it has made a huge difference in how I hear people and what they’re going through.


When asked which skill they developed most, course participants responded...

TCOS Word Cloud_no background.png


This course opened my eyes to how productive work interactions as well as at-home interactions can be when using the Coaching Mindset.

While in the class and role playing through a co-workers situation we were able to hone in on what the ‘real’ problem was.

This was the best course I have taken. It can be used both professionally and personally.

I really loved the class and got so much more out of it than I thought I would when I signed up. I knew I’d learn, but I didn’t realize just how much it would change the way I work with others. It’s really opened my eyes to how I communicate and has helped me to grow as a manager.


The Full Picture: 2021 Course Survey Summaries

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Cohort 3_LLNL.png

You, too, can Get these results

Our TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® runs in the background of your mind, informing choices about how to design and deliver interventions that develop individuals and teams. Unlock the full potential of teams — and their members — to connect and engage, and to co-create value across your organization. 

Leadership Strategies International proudly   partners with Fielding Graduate University. Through this partnership, your employees benefit from direct access to our proprietary, ICF-ACSTH accredited TCOS courses via tuition assistance from their employer's education reimbursement program.


What are your plans for rapidly upgrading your internal HR and business managers’ capability to effectively coach individuals and teams?

want to leverage your employer's tuition funds?

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