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Leadership Strategies International, founded in 1993, is a research-based coaching and consulting firm. We work with leaders and HR professionals who want to leverage the strengths of team members, address cross-functional challenges, and increase collaboration required for enterprise-wide impact. 

Across a wide variety of industries, Leadership Strategies International empowers organizational leaders to craft a strategic direction, align teams, and build leadership strength.  These three goals are the cornerstone of our system. 

  • Craft a Strategic Direction.  What this means for your company is that there is no more aimless or redundant work being done; everyone has a task to perform that ultimately leads to the accomplishment of a shared goal.
  • Align Teams.  When everyone works with the same vision in mind, great things are accomplished.  This means that aligning your teams produces results that are more than the sum of the individuals involved.  By aligning everyone's work, everyone contributes and much more can be accomplished.
  • Build Leadership Strength.  At the heart of our philosophy is one simple truth: building leadership strength is key to achieving the results you want for your business and your people, and for you personally.

Imagine people in your organization operating with increased levels of trust, commitment, and accountability so that people engage and execute well on a shared strategic direction. What difference would this make for you and your organization?

Who is Leadership Strategies International and what can you do for me?

Our firm was founded in 1993 by Dr. Laura Hauser, and operated by Dave Hauser since 2000. Laura and Dave along with their network of professional coach consultants have helped hundreds of leaders, their teams and organizations develop and communicate a strategic vision, build committed and cohesive teams, and refine leadership strengths.

Underpinning our work is a depth of experience, longevity in business, and a leading-edge research and analysis. We share with our clients and colleagues the art, science, and practical implementation required for improving individual, team, and organizational performance.

The team at Leadership Strategies International understands how challenging it can be to define a strategic direction, align and motivate teams, and build leadership strength. This is why we are here to help you accomplish your vision and goals--better, faster.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Laura and David Hauser

Laura Hauser, Founder, PhD, MCC & Dave Hauser, Owner/Operations

Santa Clarita | Leadership Strategies International |  (661) 251-0641

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