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We teach forward-thinking leaders, internal business managers, teams — and professionals who support them — to thrive in uncertain workplaces. Our solutions are available either live in-person, remotely, or in a blended format to meet your unique needs. Regardless of the instructional methods you choose, we promise to deliver the same quality and transformational experiences that have been making a difference for our clients since 1993.




No “flavor of the week” approach here. Our work is steeped in science and decades of practical experience. Our TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® courses are based on Dr. Laura Hauser's pioneering research and proven best practices in the highly specialized context of coaching teams and leaders in organizations. All of our solutions are delivered as a whole customizable solution or as standalone services — we partner with you to find the best way to accomplish your goals.

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ICF-ACSTH accredited

When applying the TCOS® system you will rapidly increase your competence and confidence to effectively coach individuals and teams real-time in organizations. Are you ready to foster a healthy workplace culture across the enterprise? Let us help. Our courses can be taken individually or as a complete package depending on your needs. We can also custom-design solutions and help you embed them into your organization’s learning and development curriculum to support your enterprise-wide change initiatives. 

TCOS Coaching Mindset Essentials™ | Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam Essentials 

TCOS TEAM Coaching Mindset Essentials™ | Syncc-Up Mentor Coaching™



ICF-ACSTH accredited

Whether you want to become ICF certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), earn an Associate Team Coach (ATC) designation, complete ICF continuing coach education (CCE) units for recertification, or drive organization change by embedding a coaching mindset in your organization, Leadership Strategies International is here to help.

TCOS® Courses | Individual and Peer Coaching Supervision

Syncc-Up™ Mentor Coaching

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When we coach leaders, we help deliver value beyond the individual. Using our proven TCOS system combined with our four-phase Bridge to Success process, we coach you to succeed within the whole system you live. We’ll look at the connections between you and other stakeholders such as your teams, your peers, and your customers. As a result, you'll gain an expanded capacity to work more strategically, relationally, and dialogically which in turn leads to greater success, satisfaction, and creation of value. Whether you are transitioning to a new role, or want to amp up your game in your current leadership role, we are here to help you take a deeper dive into your strengths, and to challenge your assumptions, remove barriers, and co-create the future you desire and deserve. 

® Leadership and Team Coaching


Leadership Strategies International is a global (Wiley® authorized) partner, known for our outstanding customer service and long standing relationships with our clients.  We provide workplace learning solutions and best practices. Our premiere services and assessment tools can be used as customized or stand-alone solutions supporting the development of individuals and teams that build healthy workplace cultures.

Five Behaviors | Everything DiSC®


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