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Your fast-track pathway to Coach Certification and Team Coaching status starts here.


We know you have choices. There are lots of training companies who offer ICF accredited coaching courses.

When you earn the designation of both ICF certified coach and Associate Team Coach from LSI, you join an elite tribe of coaches. You open up a world of opportunity for your own continued professional development, and the development of others. You can better navigate disruption and build resilient workplace cultures to create value for yourself, your teams, your organization – and the world.


We know not everyone has the same needs and goals when it comes to building the competence and confidence to coach teams in the workplace.

We're here, every step of the way, to customize solutions for you.

Others of you may already have a foundation in coaching AND want to advance to the level of coaching teams; if so, you’d complete the TEAM Coaching Mindset Essentials course to arm yourself with what you need to effectively coach teams within and across the organization.

Some of you may want to learn a coaching mindset to develop employees in your organization but you’ve not had coach training – so you’d begin by learning the Coaching Mindset Essentials.

Or you may be a decision-maker, like a business manager or CHRO, who wants to infuse a coaching mindset throughout your organization to drive systemic culture change.


Whatever your goal, we've got you covered.

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you get everything you need in one place. Whether you want to become ICF certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), earn an Associate Team Coach (ATC) designation, complete ICF continuing education units (CEU) for recertification, or drive organization change for your organization, Leadership Strategies International can help.

Let us walk with you on a clear pathway

to achieve your goals.

Become an ICF (ACC) certified coach

Earn Associate Team Coach (ATC) status

Complete coach training hours and mentor coaching hours needed to recertify your ICF coach credential

Foster a coaching culture that creates value throughout your organization

Your Fast Track to ICF Certification and TCOS Team Coaching Designation

Are you ready to develop your coaching mindset, knowledge and skill set for yourself and your organization needed to thrive in today’s uncertain workplace?

Getting certified is easy as




Complete our signature TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® core courses (68 hrs) 


TCOS: Coaching Mindset Essentials (CME)

Learn the essential knowledge, competencies, and qualities to effectively coach individuals in the workplace. 

Course #1 (34 hrs)

TCOS: Team Coaching Mindset Essentials (TCME)
Pre-requisite: completion of CME or equivalent

Learn the essential knowledge, competencies, and qualities to effectively coach teams in the workplace. 

Course #2 (34 hrs)

Apply for your certification


Submit your application to ICF along with proof of completion of TCOS CME and TCME courses, your Client Coaching Log, performance evaluation, and ICF application fee.

Your fast-track pathway to ICF ACC coach accreditation.


ICF approved coach specific training | 60 hours minimum


Mentor-coaching over a minimum of three months | 10 hrs


Performance Evaluation: submission of an audio recording and written transcript (uploaded with your ICF application)

Coaching experience: log a minimum of 100 coaching hours (70 paid) w/ at least 8 clients after the start of your coach training


Pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)


68 hours of ICF approved coach specific training via our Team Coaching Operating System® program


10 hours via TCOS Syncc-Up™ (seven hours in group setting, 3 hours 1-1 setting, maxi 10 people)


Support and guidance

Support and guidance

​4 training hours and practical tips

Our TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® meets and exceeds the high standards set by the International Coach Federation. All of our courses and electives are accredited by the ICF as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).


When you successfully complete our TCOS Team Coaching Operating System program and mentor coaching, you will be awarded the TCOS Associate Team Coach (ATC) status from LSI.

Our TCOS Team Coaching Operating System® courses and electives are approved and accredited by the ICF as Continuing Coach Education (CCE) training. 


We offer everything you need to help you renew your ICF coaching credential whether you are certified at the level of ACC, PCC, or MCC. Let us help you advance your coaching impact by learning the Team Coaching Mindset Essentials.

Let us walk with you on your certification path today >>

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