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How can team coaches increase their adaptability and versatility? What are the essential roles of an effective team coach? What bodies of knowledge about teams are critical for coaching teams for success?

Team Coaching Zone: The Shape-Shifting
Team Coaching Model

Mastering 4 Essential & Dynamic Roles

Tune in to this installment of the Team Coaching Zone podcast where host Dr. Krister Lowe interviews team coaching thought leader, educator and practitioner Dr. Laura Hauser.


Themes explored on the podcast include:

  • Laura’s journey to team coaching following an 18-year corporate career, and founding Leadership Strategies International in 1993.

  • Laura’s seminal doctoral dissertation on team coaching in organizations.

  • The Shape-Shifting team coaching model: 4 essential and dynamic roles: Advisor, Educator, Catalyzer, Assimilator.

  • 4 lenses for understanding teams: group dynamics, task coordination, team development, systemic context.

  • Laura’s June/July 2018 Gestalt Review article on The Team Coaching Operating System.

  • Stories about coaching teams using the Shape-Shifting model.

  • Inspiration and advice for making the leap into coaching teams.

  • And more!

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