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SYNCC© Up with Dr. Laura!

Supercharge Your Next Coaching Conversation (SYNCC) with Dr. Laura through coaching supervision. Transform you coaching practice in a way that continues to develop both you and your craft.Schedule your appointment now through engage@leadership-strategies.com

What is coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision “keeps the coach honest and courageous, attending to what they are not seeing, not hearing, not allowing themselves to feel, or not saying” (ICF). It creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients.

Our ability to use ourselves as an instrument--to sense and probe and read our client--relies in large part on the cleanliness of our instrument.  Our instrument needs to be clean because when we get stuck with our own "stuff" and think it is our client's "stuff" we do them a disservice, and even harm when our instrument is dulled.

A coach who continues to honor their past, challenge their present, and create their future becomes more present with clients, able to pursue lines of inquiry free from their own messy agenda, and focus wholly on the client and coach/client relationship.

SYNCC© Up with Dr. Laura when you are ready to:

  • Ponder what is going on with your most challenging clients
  • Find answers to questions such as “Why do I always get stuck with this kind of client?”
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Learn new coaching models and techniques to expand your coaching impact
  • Reflect on and learn from a difficult session that felt like a failure
  • Renew your energy for coaching

SYNCC© Up package:

Four (4) one-hour SYNC UP sessions. Includes between session support such as email follow up and short just-in-time phone calls. Access to Dr. Laura’s latest evidence-based coaching resources.

Testimonials from our SYNCC© Up clients, many who are themselves highly experienced as well as others who are just starting on their journey after completing initial training.

“SYNCC© Up with Dr. Laura is an integral part of my personal commitment to good coaching practice.”

“Loved our conversations. You have a gentle and powerful way of working with me. That translates into me learning how to do the same with my clients."

"I learned how to work with teams in the beginning, middle, and end of the coaching engagement. I want more!”

“Great impact. I learned the art and science behind coaching. You helped shift my thinking about my coaching strategy with my client. It was transformational and freeing.”

Supercharge Your Next Coaching Conversation. Send an email now to engage@Leadership-Strategies.com saying you want to SYNCC Up with Dr. Laura.