We are glad to share with you some examples of the results we have achieved with our clients:

  • Increased levels of commitment through alignment of thinking and actions about organizational and team vision, values, and strategic direction
  • Heightened innovation and creativity through improved teamwork
  • Opened lines of communication, resulting in more effective relationships and work performance
  • Improved levels of performance and satisfaction

Here is a sampling of projects we have completed in partnership with our clients who have achieved achieve significant results:

  • United the Finance controllers of independent divisions of a major consumer foods company to achieve a common vision and strategies required to support the growth of the business. Within one year built collaboration between divisions and corporate staff that resulted in the reduction of Finance costs from $70 million to $57 million. SG&A costs were reduced by $6.2 million, which was $3.2 million more than expected by the executive team. Shifted the role of Finance from processors of information to business analysts, driving economic profit growth through insight and analysis. Insured that the company processes and manages business transactions perfectly and instantaneously, delivering financial information at “Web” speed. Implemented a common business language with integrated rules, processes, tools, techniques, and systems.
  • Worked with the key stakeholders after an SAP implementation went sour. Identified and addressed dysfunctionality among the leadership group. Developed a strategic vision and concrete end-state roadmap that was easily communicated to the organization. Achieved universal buy-in prior to the successful installation of the software.
  • Designed and facilitated a 3-1/2 day future search conference for the investment institution's division of a major international bank. Result: developed teamwork among 32 senior global account managers from the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Asia, and India; created short and long-term plans to increase revenues for the business.
  • Designed and facilitated a team approach to reengineer a major financial services company. Year-end results: volume goals increased by 10%; the success rate of the re-engineering process rose from 75% to 95%; employee and customer satisfaction dramatically improved.
  • Built cultural bridges within a Catholic church experiencing serious diversity conflicts. Through small and large-group conflict resolution interventions that included 200 parishioners, remarkable results were achieved: opened lines of communication and built a strong sense of community through diversity among parish leaders and members; increased the revenues of the parish through collaborative fund-raising efforts.
  • Salvaged a bank's failed workplace diversity initiative targeted for middle through senior managers. Designed, managed and continuously improved the program content, logistics, administration, trainer certification and quality of delivery. The results: during this 18-month project, LSI trained over 1,200 managers who gave outstanding reviews; managers understood the positive impact of workplace diversity to the profits of the company; the company was nominated for the national Catalyst recognition award. 


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