Selected Publications

Sampling of Articles, Book Chapters, and Presentations by Dr. Laura Hauser

Hauser, L. (2020). Adapting to Crisis: Expanding our coaching mindsetChoice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching, 18(3), 20-22.

Hauser, L. (2020, April 27). COVID-19 Leaders Need Coaching Now More Than Ever. Retrieved from

Hauser, L. (2020, April 15). COVID-19 Crisis: How to help leaders and teams ‘decide how to decide’ their priorities. Retrieved from

Hauser, L. (2018). Expanding team coaching capabilities for impact: Four essential lenses for seeing the Who, What, When and How of teams in organizations. Choice Magazine, 16 (4), 28-30.

Hauser, L. (2018). Team Coaching Operating System (TCOS): The Intersection of Evidence-Based Research and Gestalt Principles. Gestalt Review, 22 (2), 208-225.

Hauser, L. (2018). The shape-shifting team coaching model: Mastering 4 essential & dynamic roles The Team Coaching Zone. A Podcast.

Hauser, L. (2017). The science behind powerful questioning: A Systemic Questioning Framework for coach educators and practitioners. Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, 2(2), 51–68. doi:

Hauser, L (2015). Presentation at The Conference Board's 12th Annual Executive Coaching Conference. May 10, 2015. "The Complexity of Coaching Teams". Times Square, New York.

Hauser, L. (2014). Shape-Shifting: A Team Coaching Model for Coach Practitioners, Educators, and ResearchersJournal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 5(2), 48-71.

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Hauser, L. (2012). Shape-shifting: A scholar-practitioner conceptual framework for coaching work teams. Ph.D. dissertation, Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara.  

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Hauser, L. (2009). Evidence-Based Coaching: A Case Study. A case study. OD Practitioner, 41(1), 8-13.

"Team Innovation". Hauser, Laura (2005). Presented at the 2005 Annual Pepperdine University M.S.O.D. Conference, Carmel, California. Also published in "Practicing Organization Change & Development" (2004) and "ASTD" (2006).

"Horse Sense: Lessons from an Unlikely Mentor." Hauser, Laura (2000). Pepperdine University Career and Business Journal (pp. 8-9). Mailbu, California.

"Horse Sense: Timing is Everything." Hauser, Laura (2000.)

"Horse Sense: The War Zone." Hauser, Laura (2000).

"A New Way of Guiding Large-Scale Organizational Change" - Hauser, Laura (1998). In Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer (Ed.), The 1998 Annual: Volume 2 Consulting, (pp. 257-284). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Hauser, L. (1997). The intangible dimension: Can you afford to neglect it? In J. R. B. Deforre (Ed.), The new borttom line: Bringing heart & soul to business (pp. 269-282). San Francisco: Sterling & Stone, Inc./New Leaders Press. (Essays by thirty authors including Angeles Arrien, Ken Blanchard, Ian Mitroff, Thomas Moore, Tom Peters, Anita Roddick, and Laura Hauser.)

Hauser. L. (1996). Reigniting Spirit in the Workplace. In J. W. Pfeiffer (Ed.), The 1996 annual (Vol. 1, pp. 297-303). San Diego: Pfeiffer & Company.

Hauser, L. (1993). The role of executive leadership effecting transformational change toward customer-focused quality. MSOD, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles.

"A Multicultural Diversity Intervention: The Employee Relations Training and Line Management Partnership." - Hauser, Laura, and Nina Woodard (1992). In Rosalind Schwartz (Ed.), Managing the Multicultural Workforce: Strategies for Human Resource Professionals (pp. 40-50). University of California, Los Angeles: Institute of Industrial Relations.


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