PQ4: The Science Behind Powerful Questioning


At the heart of the coaching conversation is the core competence of questioning. But how do coaches know what question to ask, and when, during their work with clients?

Do you want to learn the science behind asking powerful questions?

Do you want to make better informed choices about what type of question to ask a client in the moment?

This workshop is based on Dr. Laura Hauser's research and practical application of masterful coaching. Results of her latest research about the four major types of questions coaches can use to transform coaching sessions. Read her article published in thePhilosophy of Coaching International Journal.

If you want to increase your competence and confidence to shape questions in the moment in response to your client to achieve better coaching outcomes, sign up for this workshop. Or you can SYNCC©-Up with Laura--learn and apply the PQ4 framework during private coaching sessions. 

Take your coaching to the next level! Contact us at [email protected] to get started.


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