Syncc Up with Dr. Laura Hauser, MCC

SYNCC-Up® now with Dr. Laura Hauser

A coach who continues to honor their past, challenge their present, and create their future becomes more present with clients. Being more present with your client allows you to pursue lines of inquiry free from your  own "stuff', and focus wholly on the client and coach/client relationship. Our SYNCC-Up® program incorporates the art and science of coaching individuals and teams found no where else, based on Dr. Laura Hauser's research and decades of practical experience.

SYNCC-Up® with Dr. Laura when you are ready to

  • Take your coaching to the next level
  • Expand your impact when working with individuals and teams
  • Learn and apply new coaching models and strategies to your real coaching situations
  • Find answers to questions such as “Why am I stuck?” and "What do I really want?"
  • Reflect on, and learn from, difficult coaching situations

SYNCC-Up® package

  • Four (4) one-hour SYNC UP sessions.
  • Between-session support such as email follow up and short just-in-time phone calls.
  • Access to Dr. Laura’s latest evidence-based coaching resources.
  • Bonus: Free online DISC assessment and 30-minute coaching session to debrief your results and apply to your work with your clients
  • Bonus: ICF certified coaches earn up coach continuing education units (CCE) upon request

Testimonials from our SYNCC-Up® clients, many who are themselves highly experienced as well as others who are just starting on their journey after completing initial training.

SYNCC-Up® with Dr. Laura is an integral part of my personal commitment to good coaching practice.”

“Loved our conversations. You have a gentle and powerful way of working with me. That translates into me learning how to do the same with my clients."

"I learned the differences between how to work with teams in the beginning, middle, and end of the coaching engagement. I want more!”

“Great impact. I learned the art and science behind coaching. You helped shift my thinking about my coaching strategy with my client. It was transformational and freeing.”

Supercharge Your Next Coaching Conversation. Send an email now to [email protected]. Type in the subject line 'Request a complimentary 15-minute call to SYNCC-Up® with Dr. Laura".


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