TCOS Team Coaching Operating System®


Introducing the Team Coaching Operating System® (TCOS). It is based on Dr. Laura Hauser's pioneering research and industry best practices in the highly specialized context of coaching teams in organizations. Your experience of the TCOS® will rapidly increase your competence and confidence to assess, design, and implement strategies to effectively coach teams real-time in organizations--and impact enterprise-wide change. 

  • Imagine a powerful live experience that gives you the opportunity to practice new skills to advance toward mastery so that you can return to their organizations to make an even bigger and better contribution toward supporting mission critical goals.
  • Consider the optimized performance, the improvements in collaboration, and the efficiencies that can be realized when team members are coached to take on new ways of solving problems that can stay with them and your organization in a lasting way.

These are among a couple of the powerful and profound outcomes from LSI's proprietary Team Coaching Operating System®. It would be our privilege to bring it to you and your organization, optimizing your performance and those you serve.

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A three-day intensive workshop serves as the foundation of the TCOS® program. During the workshop you will learn new knowledge and skills, and tools, enabling you to coach a team at different stages of its development and performance cycle. You will conduct an analysis of a client team, and leave with an action-oriented strategy for coaching the team to higher levels of performance. After the intensive workshop, you continue to expand your team coaching capability and wisdom through implementation support (individual and peer supervision). The program concludes with a celebration of your success, and an action plan to leverage your expanded team coaching expertise for wider impact in your organization. (ICF credentialed coaches can earn up to 30 continuing coach education units.)



Improve team performance by taking your coaching skills to the next level. Learn directly from the source of team coaching empirical knowledge and practical application--Dr. Laura Hauser. You will improve your ability to identify a team's strengths and challenges, and design and implement strategies for developing teams during the beginning, middle, and end of their performance cycle. Through your experience in LSI's Team Coaching Operating System® program, you will grow your confidence and competence to coach teams toward higher performance and impact enterprise-wide change. During the course you will:

  • Understand top team challenges in organizations
  • Distinguish team coaching from other forms of help such as executive coaching group coaching, and facilitation
  • Expand your capability to view and analyze the effectiveness and functioning of a team. Apply Dr. Hauser's research-based models including the ground-breaking Shape-Shifting model, and the Wide-Angle Vision model for coaching work teams
  • Integrate the Team Coaching Operating System® framework into your daily and long-term strategic work.
  • Receive a checklist to determine when team coaching is a fit, and not
  • Learn additional research-based models, tools, and practical tips for coaching teams 
  • Receive personalized feedback through individual and group mentor coaching 
  • Bonus! Access to assessment tools for use with your teams including the NEW Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile

Call for a personal consultation to see how LSI's Team Coaching Operating System® may be a fit for you. Sharpen your competence and confidence to design and implement interventions that are most effective to producing positive outcomes during the beginning, middle, and end of a team’s performance cycle. 


The Team Coaching Operating System® was developed by Dr. Laura Hauser. She is internationally recognized as a thought-leader in the highly specialized context of work team coaching. Through publishing, consulting, teaching, and conference speaking, she leverages her business expertise and research to shape the current and future practice of team coaching. Dr. Hauser serves as President of the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (, setting platinum standards for graduate-level coach education and research. And she serves as faculty for Fielding Graduate University as well as Royal Roads University.

We have trained an elite group of leaders and coaching professionals who support the TCOS program through individual and group supervision. 


The Team Coaching Operating System® is designed for experienced leaders, coaches, and consultants who want to expand their capability to move beyond coaching individuals to coaching teams. The ideal participant in the TCOS® is: 1) a leader of teams who work in mid-size to large organizations, and 2) an internal Human Resources, Organization Development, Talent Management, or other experienced professional who is responsible for the develop leaders and teams. 


The program is designed for delivery onsite to your internal leaders and/or professional staff such as HR, OD, Talent Management professions onsite at your organization's location. In addition, Leadership Strategies International partners with individuals who want to organize and host a public course. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

  Do you want to bring the course in-house through their education assistance program as a continuing education course? We can do that for you. Leadership Strategies International partners with Fielding Graduate University, a regionally accredited university, to host the Team Coaching Operating System®  foundations program. Contact [email protected] about how to take advantage of this option.


Get on Dr. Laura Hauser's calendar now for a free 30-minute consultation about how to increase your knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve the effectiveness and performance of teams. Send an email to [email protected] this in your subject line, "Request a TCOS call with Dr. Hauser". 


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