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Interviewing an OD Legend

In Whidbey Island, WA to interview #Roger Harrison for the #Pepperdine University MSOD Alumni Founders’ Series. From conducting sensitivity training laboratories during the 1950s to influencing the way organizations and consultants respond to today's complexity, Roger has significantly influenced the birth and growth of the OD field.

I first met Roger in 1991 when I was in grad school with Pepperdine University, and we periodically remained connected over they years. Sitting in Roger’s living room on September 20, 2014, he was gracious and generous in sharing his wisdom about the evolution of his career and the field of organization development. A big takeaway from the interview with Roger came from a question about his advice for future OD practitioners. Roger thoughtfully replied, 'Strategy, methods, and technique are important, but are only as effective as the foundation of trust created by the practitioner’s capacity and skill of deep listening and non-judgment."

Our filmed conversation on Whidbey Island captured only a thimbleful of his knowledge and wisdom. Yet I am grateful the OD community will benefit from Roger’s wisdom into perpetuity. The interview was made possible through the Founder’s Series, sponsored by Pepperdine University MSOD alumni. The video series is part of an effort to document the philosophy and teaching of the thinkers and leaders in our field. I will send out a link as soon as the edited video gets released.

Roger has written numerous articles about OD, many of which have become classics in the field. Read a selection of Roger Harrison’s articles posted on the Pepperdine MSOD website:  http://bschool.pepperdine.edu/programs/masters-organization-development/publications/


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