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Mindset Matters: Coaching Experience

New awareness opens the door to new choices and decisions for the client that create positive change.

Imagine this.

You're sitting in a virtual learning environment with a masterful coach and your coaching colleagues from across the globe. You are having a thoughtful conversation about two of the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies:

  1. Active listening

  2. Powerful questioning

Laura asks, "What is the connection between active listening and powerful questioning?" After much discussion and debate, the group formulates their own answer, "Active listening helps frame questions that can be powerful for the client." 

Laura digs deeper.

"What makes a question powerful?"

The students converse and then conclude, "When the question lands on the client in a way that leads to new awareness such as a new way of thinking about a challenge. This new awareness, in turn, opens the door to new choices and decisions for the client that create positive change."

What do you see as the connection between active listening and powerful questioning?

About the Author

Dr. Laura L. Hauser, MCC, MCEC

Founder, Leadership Strategies International

Dr. Laura Hauser, MCC, MCEC, works with organizational leaders and their teams (and the professionals who support them) to build healthy workplace cultures. She is an internationally-recognized thought leader and researcher in the highly specialized space of team coaching. Using art and science, she teaches, coaches, supervises and consults in a way that expands mindsets and capabilities needed to navigate through disruption. Laura has been honored for her contributions to the coaching profession. She is the developer of the Team Coaching Operating System®, an ACSTH coaching school accredited by the International Coach Federation. Contact Laura by email or on LinkedIn

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